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Geo-Dredging and Dewatering
owns & operates a one of a kind,
Custom Designed Automated Polymer Conditioning System.
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What We Do


Geo-Dredging and Dewatering Solutions is Ontario's leader in providing advanced technology turnkey lagoon cleanout and de-sludging solutions. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide cost efficient, environmentally responsible solutions to municipalities and industrial applications across Ontario.


All our lagoon projects are done using the Geotube dewatering technology. The Geotube technology has been used around the world since 1982 for dewatering sludge and site remediation. The utilization of Geotube technology provides many benefits over traditional methods of lagoon de-sludging.


Why Choose Geo-Dredging and         Dewatering Solutions, Inc.


 Dispose of a Solids Cake, not Liquid Sludge

 Drastically Reduce Disposal Costs

 Spread Project Costs Over a Number of Years

 Projects can be Done in a Matter of Days

 No C of A Change Required

 Quick Mobilization














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