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The Geotube Technology


Geotube dewatering units are geo-synthetic containers, made from high tensile woven polypropylene. Essentially a Geotube unit is a large dewatering bag. The special fabric of Geotube units allows for the retention of consolidated valuable nutrients and the dispersal of clear effluent. The Geotube technology has proven its effectiveness in providing de-watering and filtration for lagoons, municipal sludge, raw septage as well as a host of other industries around the world since 1982. 


Advantages of Geotube dewatering units:


- High volume containment

- Opportunity to spread project costs over several years

- Rapid flow through rate

- Drastic reduction in disposal cost

- Lower capital cost

- Simplicity


The Geotube technology works by allowing sludge to be filtered through the unique dual filament polypropylene fabric, while retaining a high percent of solids.  As sludge is pumped into a Geotube unit, it is injected with a polymer. The addition of the polymer to the sludge is necessary to flocculate the sludge and allow the Geotube technology to dewater as effectively as possible. 


Geotube units are durable and can be stacked to maximize space, or fabricated to fit in mobile roll-off containers that can be transported around your property.














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