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Custom Designed Automated Polymer Conditioning System



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Custom Designed Automated Polymer Conditioning System



Our Sludge Conditioning and Processing Unit was designed specifically to optimize performance and cost effectiveness of dewatering projects using Tencate Geotube® technology.

Our System measures input flow every 15 seconds, adjusting to match specific changing project parameters allowing precise dosing in real time to optimize Tencate Geotube® dewatering.

System Features
The Sludge Conditioning and Processing Unit is contained in a 34’ trailer which is easily and quickly transported to project sites. A self contained generator makes it self sufficient. Our 6” stainless steel mixing chamber is durable enough to handle any dewatering project. Our custom sludge system consists of:

  • Mobile Lab
  • Site Office
  • Chemical Conditioning Equipment
  • Flow Meter
  • Density Meter
  • Polymer Mag Meter
  • Water Input Meter
  • Post and Pre-Polymer Dilution
  • Pre and Post Polymer Sampling Ports
  • Power Unit
  • Computerized Data Tracker

  • Data Monitoring
    The system provides us with the ability to extrapolate data on an ongoing basis which allows continuous monitoring of project parameters. Technical information gathered over the duration of the project allows us to ensure project completion and is reported to the client as:

  • Daily Production
  • Job Summary
  • Volume of Material Processed
  • Average Percent Solids of Material Processed





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